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Posted by Roland's response to my old friend CS (cont.4) ( on April 16, 2004 at 20:28:29:

In Reply to: As an Australian observer posted by Roland on April 15, 2004 at 18:40:41:

I reiterate that the people of the US are innocent believers like the rest of us. They cling, as we all try to do, to the belief in the common decency of their governments and hope for a better future. But don’t let this admirable quality and your own nationalistic pride blind you to a tension in the world that will remain as long as there is one Super-powerful nation standing unchecked. Standing silently but unchecked generates one level of concern. Asserting dominance unchecked creates an explosive situation that is unacceptable. My friend step outside your middleclass US secure comfort zone and see what is happening. See things from the position of an outsider. Let’s understand: The present actions in the Middle East cannot be justification for 9-11, as horrific as it was. The war on terrorism cannot explain the leaving of Jewish enclaves in Palestinian land (a representation of a corrupted arbiter); it can’t explain the occupation of Iraq, a country with not allegiance to Al-Qaeda. There is evidence that Al-Qaeda had greater connections with Iran than Iraq. Did the Bush Admin just get the spelling wrong when it invaded? No, it was a nation in an unstoppable position avenging itself from its previous failed encounter or for whatever reason. But WMDs was not the reason – it was a subterfuge for another agenda. What that agenda might be is only a partial problem. The frightening part is that the US invaded…because it chose to and could.

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