To Ray Hume: Part 1 of 3

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Posted by AAA ( on April 16, 2004 at 21:15:28:

Hello Ray,

We are in agreement then that anything finite cannot create itself. And since we now know that the Universe is
finite, then “Someone” or “something” must of brought it into existence. We also know that before Plank time (a
fraction of a second after the Big Bang), the particles that we know today could not of existed. Also, prior to this
Plank moment, there is no “before” and no “space.” So when you and I say that some pre-existing entity created our
Universe, then by default this entity must be outside of time and space, and matter-less. Ray, those are attributes
given to the Biblical God. So in keeping with the above statements, I don’t put much into your argument when you
wrote: “I also read Genesis of the Old Testament, which I did understand, but find it as improbable as the story of
“Bob the creator” that I invented and posted to Pangea a few days ago.”

You said that you agree with me that you will never know the truth in these matters [whether Bhagavad Githa or
Talmud or Bible or Koran or none of them is correct]. Then you said: “You on the other hand, assuming you are
not hypocritical, don’t know that you don’t know the Truth.”

Two things Ray:
1.) Jesus claimed that He was the Truth and He backed it up empirically.
2.) How then am I being hypocritical for having access to that Truth?

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Subject: Re: To Ray Hume: Part 1 of 3


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