To Roland

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Posted by Pangea ( on April 17, 2004 at 03:05:58:

I understand your attitude completely.

But I do disagree with your seemingly general condemnation of all Americans.

Many of us opposed unilateral action by the U.S.A. against Iraq for global-political reasons. As a Vietnam Veteran, I CERTAINLY opposed our incursion because I personally saw no direct threat to our national security despite the claims of Bush (a man I have little personal respect for since he dodged his own call to duty in Vietnam). Collin Powell flat-out stunned me by going along with Coward Bush’s attempts to go one up on “daddy.” [I am a Republican, BTW, despite their political pandering to the evangelical movement in my country which I consider ultimately dangerous to our both our governing Constitution and our reliance on the rule of secular law over theocracy.]

I know that many of my brothers will disagree with me. So be it!

However, we are there now for better or worse. Saddam was obviously an even more evil asshole than any of us expected; and, I hope and pray that in the final judgment of history our actions will be seen as having ultimately benefited mankind despite present conditions.

Regardless of my personal political feelings, I absolutely support our young men and women who are over there just trying to do their jobs with honor while still trying to stay alive. I suppose it’s hard for people who haven’t been in that situation to understand.

Good to see you back! God bless!

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