Re: To Ray Hume: Part 1 of 3

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Posted by Pangea ( on April 17, 2004 at 03:57:22:

In Reply to: To Ray Hume: Part 1 of 3 posted by AAA on April 16, 2004 at 21:15:28:

AAA POSTED TO RAY: "Ray, those are attributes
given to the Biblical God."

So what's your point, AAA.

Attributes of creation have been given to many gods by many different cultures/religions!

Just because the Egyptians tell us through their VERY ancient texts that the god, Atum, created the first beings by masturbating his semen onto fertile ground, are we supposed to believe it?

Why should their legend, backed up by written accounts, be rejected while your story, backed up by a more recently written account, be accepted?

I'm just curious if you have any definitive proof of anything on either side of the issue of divine revelation either for or against the Egyptian myth.


"Two things Ray:
1.) Jesus claimed that He was the Truth and He backed it up empirically.
2.) How then am I being hypocritical for having access to that Truth?

Comment on #1: Please explain how Jesus backed anything up he did (or is reputed to have done) using either controlled experimentation or independently verifiable observation? If his works were SO empirically observed, how is that almost no one believed him including, at times, his own followers? And where is the evidence of his Truth? It certainly exists nowhere today in the Christian community. How can you be sure that it ever existed?

Comment on #2: My dear AAA, IMHO and with ALL due respect, you don't appear to have any incling as to the difference between Truth and self-serving fantasy. Anyone who denies, as you do, that the stars, sun, and moon were created after the earth or that amphibians, dinosaurs, and elephants were all created on the same day has a lot to learn about "The Truth."

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Subject: Re: Re: To Ray Hume: Part 1 of 3


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