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Posted by Roland (Part 1) ( on April 17, 2004 at 06:27:02:

In Reply to: To Roland posted by Pangea on April 17, 2004 at 03:05:58:

Hi Pangea,
I guess finding my way back on this site every holiday is a sad indictment that I need a life. Anyways it is good to catch up with old acquaintances, albeit for a short time.

There I go falling into the camp of which I often blame others, that of lumping people with policy. If I came across as accusing all Americans the regular folk - for the present crises in the Mid East I am very sorry. I thought I was clear in my (continued 4) post to CS that it is the policy makers, in particular the Bush Administration that I hold in utter disdain, not the Joe citizen. Although I do believe that personal detachment, the failure to raise objections, is a surreptitious contributor to policy gone wrong. You have to realize Pangea, I am extremely distressed by the upheaval and threat to global stability I see unfolding uncontrollably.

The current US Administration has changed the thinking of many people around the World. Where they once were happy to accept the role of the Superpower as a responsible participant in international affairs (even a type of self-ordained constabulary) they now view the US Government with suspicion, hesitation, uncertainty and with a sense of intensified danger.

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