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Posted by Roland (Part 2) ( on April 17, 2004 at 06:29:31:

In Reply to: To Roland posted by Pangea on April 17, 2004 at 03:05:58:

Meanwhile, although I understand that people are people, I must be realistic and acknowledge that the American citizen is in a unique position - where all this is distant, academic and viewed from a safe vantage point. While I was revolted by the 9/11 incident, I am now flabbergasted by the acceptance of Americans – ordinary Americans – that what their Government is doing is appropriate and morally responsible. Hearing US Generals speaking of the full-out offensive on the cities of Fallujah and Najaf was stomach-twisting, cities in which “ordinary people” try to survive (that’s right, Iraqis are ordinary people too). World public opinion has since forced a softer line from the US military of late, thank God. Human nature being what it is, I have a sense that, since 9/11, the people of America have vowed vengeance at all cost and that the retribution itself is more important than ensuring the accuracy at whom it is directed. As of 15 April, 5383 people had been killed in Iraq since April 2003, including 1200 people in Fallujaha alone since the new uprising. 586 coalition troops have also been killed. And yet no-one has made a credible link between the people, or even the nation, of Iraq and 9/11. Why aren’t the people of the US protesting strenuously and voluminously? Because it is academic to them – they are removed through the sanitisation of it and they are content to merely be avenged. Why aren’t the Sunday pulpits in America reverberating with outrage at the sight of people – people anywhere – suffering needlessly and heedlessly; why are they accepting what the US Government is doing on their behalf? Could it be that many do not see the Iraqis as people or just not God’s people? Could they be more interested in diets, fashion and celebrity? So I guess, after all that - I do hold some resentment for the silence in the Worlds greatest democracy, where Christianity and indifference seems so sadly woven into US culture.

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