To Mick (1)

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Posted by Roland ( on May 19, 2004 at 22:36:29:

Hi Mick,
This is the response to your first post.

You said:
“yes, iraq is a revenge deal and 9-11-01 is a great pretext in addition to the previous one... i just put up a sticker on my car - along with over 150 more - that i altered - is used to say "9-11-01 WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!" and i, with extras, turned it into "9-11-01 WE WILL NEVER GET IT!!!!". Do you get it? - and more to your comments: i wonder how many bad guys in prison in iraq were freed because we "tortured" them as appeasement... OJ got off on a technicality - the one of black jurors having no technical sense of the DNA odds of the matter and a race card use of the word nigger.”

You ask me “Do I get it?” about where you’re coming from. My answer is I think so. Yes, if you are being ironical – otherwise no. You cite the OJ trial, but I could cite other cases of imprisoned individuals who were later proven innocent. This does not alter the principle I mentioned that it is considered more moral to have a system where some guilty avoid conviction in order to save the innocent being unjustly imprisoned.

In your next quote I am not sure whether you are arguing for or against what I am saying. However, I love it, especially the bit that said “yes, americans are superior to iraq by virtue of our freedom to be fat slobs, consume and be the hedonistic wasteful pigs we are... “

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