More on the U.S.

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Posted by Christian Scholar ( on April 17, 2004 at 12:41:58:

Hi Roland,

I wanted to make some comments on what you had said to me if you don't mind.

You said:
"My point was that corruption is integral to human institutions unavoidable. That does not mean we should disband them so readily."
I never did say to "disband" the UN. You are absolutely correct about the importance of it. What I was pointing out was that the UN has lost its immediate right to the process of Iraq because they were DIRECTLY involved in scandal there. Kophi is finally agreeing on the investigation of what had occurred, and so an investigation will begin. But until that investigation ends, they have no right there. We will continue with NATO being there (which includes Austraulia, if I am not mistaken).

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Subject: Re: More on the U.S.


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