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Posted by MICKMICKMICK ( on May 20, 2004 at 17:58:45:

In Reply to: To Mick (3) posted by Roland on May 20, 2004 at 08:24:02:

i think simple guns are WMD and iraq was the area bully for the longest time - your sick to think sad damned hussein should not have been taken out of power and if this even takes more death than he himself would have created than so be it... thats weird logic, but one that could only be true and just if the people of iraq supported sad damn - and looking at a map you will see that kurds and shiite cover a vast swath with only sunni sad damnites in the middle... the war is certainly not against 25 million just as i hope we thought the same of the german and jap people while we bombed them (to some degree anyway...)... the book HITLER'S WILLING EXECUTIONERS puts the number at some 300,000 germans involved in the holocaust... and we are not bully by virture of our footing the bill! 87 billion passed the congress and then some... which i don't like at all... make those dumbasses pay with oil... and yes there is WMD using the real technical definition or not... a little so far?... don't forget sad damn hussein's war against iran, which at the time we kinda liked - thanx Saddam! - alright, we will go back to pure isolationism - i'll tell our government right away... and i'm leaving the world up to you ROLAND and OZ... from now on your 20 million or so will have to cover for my 290 million plus... maybe we can sic those barrier reef sharks after the bad guys? can they jump out of the water into moslem boats? your know, do a JAWS thing...

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