To Mick and Aon II (1)

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Posted by Roland ( on May 21, 2004 at 18:19:54:

Hi Anon II and Mick,

Heavens to Betsy, is this “Pick on Roland” week or something? Talk about bulling. It seems like I have the entire might of the US intelligentsia on my back. There is the inimitable (even incorrigible) Mick, crammed with history knowledge and movie trivia, there is the patriotic nouveau-American, whose intellectual prowess is so great that not even he dares speak his own name. There is even an arch angel who posted some “What is an American” literature; seems my outpourings have reached the very firmament. Now you guys, tone it down and stop picking on lil’ ol’ me.

Okay, where do I begin to fish out the rare, I mean very rare, nuggets of contemplative material from the swamp (I’m talking Everglades here) of drivel you posted to me this time round.

How you fellas can continue to ignore the incongruity (euphemism for embarrassment) between the US’s affinity for “democracy” and its fear of it, globally, astounds me. Is it April 1 or something? Mick, I like your other “…ocracies”, which describe various facets of your amazing country well, but those terms do not replace the claim to “democratic” fame espoused by Americans. So why (a) the phobia and (b) the convenient oversight, by you two, to address it? Its like “democracy you’re having when you’re not having democracy” – in Australia, we call it “Claytons” democracy after a nonalcoholic mixer drink.

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