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Posted by MICKMICKMICK ( on May 21, 2004 at 18:50:08:

In Reply to: To Mick and Anon II (2) posted by Roland on May 21, 2004 at 18:21:59:

you have repeatedly argued against points you think i'm making and need to stop thinking i like/dislike-promote/dispromote things and in this post you say promote alpha male... robert anton wilson has given long winded anti-alpha male discourse in his writings... i "agree" and yet accept the alpha male process as what you give up in your own freedom when you elect a representative, accept a boss over you, a tax man... etc... it is natural and only anarchy can solve this biological-cultural problem in the future, if thats the way to go - don't know. just a nice utopian idealism i guess... USA is less the sophisticate and developed nation, for sure. you euros and transplanted euros (ozmeisters, ozzies?), but you are older countries with less niggers, spics and other third world trash... and we do have too much irish blood ranking in the top three of country of origin with german names and english one and two... //abos are a problem but a very small percent - smaller than even our indian population which is well below a worse population of negros which are about 12% and hispanics 12% - i would replace 25% of our population with asians if i were the bully alpha male god and grab all those jews out of palestine and bring em home to miami, new york... etc.... and of course we want to relieve the benelux region of its bad euro concentration of people and bring them home... maybe you can have the vietnamese replace the abos...///PAX ROMANA, PAX AMERICA, POX HUMANA is what i have painted on my art car near all my enviro nazi stickers../// with all your ameribashing you would like a book called WERE NUMBER ONE which i used on my CLASS WAR RADIO SHOW - it shows how undeveloped and behind we are compared to most all other 1st world countries - G7, G8 or whatever the number and also a composite of some 17 industrialized nations - its a stat book really - great stuff... the COMMUNIST PARTY USA had a 1993 economic platform that called for our military to be scaled back to 50 bil

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