To Pangea on Mosiac problems Part 1

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Posted by Christian Scholar ( on April 17, 2004 at 21:29:57:


This is the second letter to your first response. I had a little extra time today so I thought I would give you some more answers to your "knit picking". You stated some of your objections to the Mosiac law (as you have in the past) basically due to the fact that my answers have not been sufficient. And really, Pangea, I don't think they ever will be "sufficient" to you, but I hope at least you will see it is intelligent. That is why I peruse this forum on occasion. The way skeptics put out arguments against Christians (I subscribe to "Skeptical Inquirer" and occasionally buy a Skeptic mag) is because they think Christians have superstitious, dumb answers. And I hope that I have at least proven this not to be the case (as also with some other very capable Christians within this forum).

Let me take your charges against the Mosiac law "one by one."

First, Women are placed on a lower social status than men.

This is only true based on your interpretation of social status. In the days of Israel, women were cherished for several reasons:
1. They gave birth to children.
2. They were in charge of the upbringing of the children.
3. They were the “business” leaders in supplying their homes and getting material for it.
4. They were in charge of the feeding of the family.
See, in this post-modern look at life, we see those things as meaning one is on a “lower” status then another. But in reality, those are such crucial roles within the social life of a community that women are looked at very highly. You may think not, due to scriptures on menstruation or harlots being stoned (male prostitutes were too, by the way!), or because Adam was to be the “desire” of his wife, and he would “rule” over her. But in the thick of things, we know that the man and woman really had equal value, but just took different roles. Why would God tell the children to “Honor your father and mother” if they were not equal in the child rearing process? Why would G

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Subject: Re: To Pangea on Mosiac problems Part 1


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