To Pangea on Mosiac problems Part 7

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Posted by Christian Scholar ( on April 17, 2004 at 21:44:52:

Now, if studies show that pigs have these capabilities within their system to foster such an epidemic, wouldn’t you call God’s law against pork a “smart” one? You have to remember also, Sir Pangea, that we are talking about Ancient Israel here, where storing Pork or any kind of meat at all is almost impossible without infection. Anyways, God “permitted” them to eat meat, but that was not an important part of their diet. They mostly ate fruits and vegetables, and meat was more for special occasions (like when having visitors over). In such a dry climate meat would not be that good for the body.

As far as your fish to shellfish question, in these modern times, yes, it is easy to store shellfish in freezers for keeping them eatable. But in the days of Israel, shellfish spoiled very quickly, and was not as easily preserved as scaled fish. Of course, God would know this. But the Israelites would not, and eating spoiled shellfish could cause all sorts of epidemics.

As far as your bass being predatory, yes, this is true. But they eat their prey alive. Lions, Osprey and other predators kill their meals, and sometimes eat them over long periods of time (which could lead the Israelites to many infectious viruses and diseases). And do you think Israelites actually fished for Sharks? Comon!

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Subject: Re: To Pangea on Mosiac problems Part 7


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