To Pangea on Mosiac problems Part 8

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Posted by Christian Scholar ( on April 17, 2004 at 21:51:47:

4) Strip farming different crops is a sound agricultural practice. Yes, I agree, IN THESE MODERN TIMES OF TECHNOLOGY it is. But they had different means in ancient times, and it wasn’t sound in any culture back then. It was safe not to mix crops in the ancient world.

And of course, your mixing of garments. What a “stupid” law, huh? This I always believed was really knit picking on your part, Pangea. The famous Rabbi Maimonides pointed out in the Mishna that ancient pagan priests used to wear wool and linen processed together, because they knew how to make use of it for occult practices, including idol worship and other terrible things, and therefore the Torah forbade them to use it for all time, and ordered them to stay far away from shatnez (Hebrew name), as well as all other practices of the pagans. I want you to know that these two fabrics being sewn together are the only ones forbidden. All rabbis throughout the centuries have allowed other fabrics to be mixed. But this one, possibly due to its Pagan roots, is forbidden.

But my original argument on that issue still stands. With the addition that wool does signify purity (Isaiah 1:18) and mixing wool with linen makes it impure. Many things God forbid was due to this symbolic relationship issue. You don’t agree, but that is what the Bible teaches.

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Subject: Re: To Pangea on Mosiac problems Part 8


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