To Christian Scholar 2

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Posted by Roland ( on April 17, 2004 at 22:51:12:

To begin then, let me first say that I am astounded you have not heard of this. To quote you “I never once heard anyone speak of such a thing.” As I said to you, there are those in your own country who have investigated this. However, I appreciate that the Media is inclined not to be seen as displaying anti-nationalistic sentiment especially in times of war or after catastrophes like 9/11. We have a broadcast channel here in Australia called SBS. It is a public broadcaster (i.e. sponsored by the Australian government). It too produced a programme on the concept of “Pax Americana”, connecting US actions to those of ancient Rome, where it operated by means of Pax Romana (Roman peace). That is peace, so long as it is to the benefit of the occupying power. Before seeing this program, I had referred to Pax Americana myself. I guess that is why the program caught my attention when it was shown some years ago. It analysed the US Administration’s 2001 document on “The National Security Strategy of the United States of America” (NSS) ( and the draft “Defense Planning Guidance” document of 1992 (DPG 1992) as well as other snippets of speeches and interviews, none of which I can directly refer to since I did not foresee being at this site in this position. Since that program was aired I have been aware that many commentators and eminent persons have serious concerns about the new “US peace”. There are too many such websites to list them, but just type “Pax Americana” on Google and a flood of links will appear. The Pax Americana website ( may be helpful.

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