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Posted by Roland ( on April 17, 2004 at 23:01:07:

CS, I spoke of “Rumsfeld diplomacy” in the context of his hardline military stance against Iraq, which is to be expected since he holds the position of US Secretary of Defense. I did not say that he made statements about US ascendancy, although I do not think he is out of step with that attitude and in fact comes across as a silent promoter of it. He would not be stupid enough to be so overt. He is a very astute politician and the master of word-smithing. One must learn to read between the diplomacy. He, among others, was angrily describing the UN as irrelevant after they disapproved of the US desire to invade Iraq. Others in the US Administration, including Rumsfeld, also sought to isolate and in fact insult France, Germany and Russia, by describing them as representing the “Old Europe”. By that they meant a Europe that did not automatically follow the US line in the UN.

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