Christian Scholar 8

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Posted by Roland ( on April 17, 2004 at 23:04:28:

While I have attempted to address your one major response to my posts, you have not addressed the issue of greatest concern to me and the rest of the World. Despite the aspiration or not of the US to achieve world domination, the fact remains “the US invaded (Iraq)…because it chose to and could.” To any sane observer of International Politics, this is a potential disaster for any world citizen. I will reiterate what I said before (and this is the second concern I have): there is “tension in the world that will remain as long as there is one Super-powerful nation standing unchecked. Standing silently but unchecked generates one level of concern. Asserting dominance unchecked creates an explosive situation that is unacceptable.” CS, what is your response: what are your sentiments? What is your moral position on this? Further, I drew a contrast between God’s destruction of Sodom and the Bush’s attack on Iraq (Re: To Roland - Roland (Part 3) 06:31:05). What is your response to the morality of Bush’s actions?
Your very exhausted researcher, come secretary, Roland

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