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Posted by mick ( on May 31, 2004 at 09:14:52:

In Reply to: MICK: Some scary facts about Gainesville posted by Roland on May 29, 2004 at 19:42:50:

have to do another repeat here: platinum well workplace?! - another terrible misnomer! we have postal workers that make more than college professors and again i can only imagine this is our unusually historically low unemployment percent that got us this ranking/award - but at what cost? the jobs are service sector rip offs - low low pay. i worked at walmart, where i tried to unionize (long story), for over 3 years and made 6.19 per hour... again and again you will see how the same job pays much more elsewhere... i reviewed some 100 jobs that required my degree or better and applied to 80 of them - pathetic pay. the only two jobs i did better with in my search was probation officer and the postal job i have now... so this platinum award must be some corporate drolling lavish display of cruelty toward labor... a sick joke? really sick what stupid lies come out of money magazine etc... most livable? try summers locked in for 3 months plus at over 90 degreess, over 6 inches of rain per month and the overly humid air currents and speed actually slow down as the summer wears on... i guess it all depends on where you live in gville - but negros abound and go anywhere... got rednecks also... gville is extremely transient and has had relatively very low population growth to the number of new students... if it was so damned great we would be up to 500,000 now with thousands of new students staying after they graduate - like me. they leave, cause gville don't pay! pathetic stupid propaganda lies you have selectively viewed and been selected to view... just throw in all my other stats for greater balance...

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Subject: Re: Re: MICK: Some scary facts about Gainesville


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