ROLAND, gville and more i added below

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Posted by MICKMICKMICK ( on May 31, 2004 at 09:26:42:

i added more to the scary gainesville stats you ran into - what site was that? the city, police and politics always tries to down play problems, i.e., cops try to say are high crime rate is mainly property theft, like that makes it better?! i have had two bikes stolen and other stuff, so i don't feel safer... weird euphemistic side steps they take to avoid the real problems, and all the lip service paid to the black side of town, like any help will endure and be something they can build on... here is another for you - we could have saved over one million per year if we didn't have government sanctioned and forced busing to integrate races in our public schools - this sick dejure integration should be replaced by the de facto segregation most all of us choose anyway, like me living in the crack nig neighborhood in a house that had mice and leaned like the tower of pisa... 70$ per month in 1987 for my own room, and where i live now on a 13 house dead end we have had at least 3 known crack users, fights, yelling, cops... etc... - you don't know how all this money numbers i send you translates do you - got pounds right? queen eliz all over your money or taz devils, kangaroos, some variation of the union jack, that sydney shell dome thing on the water... OZ money, may look that up...

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Subject: Re: ROLAND, gville and more i added below


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