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Posted by Roland ( on May 31, 2004 at 21:27:33:

Frosty, thank God you replied,

My, it’s quite on the in the forum at present. At first I thought the “Rapture” had occurred and I’d missed it. Your reply confirms either that it hasn’t happened or that you too got left behind, but I doubt the latter, so I think we’re safe at present. Phew!!!

Anyway, you said: “There is no suggestion in the Hebrew that God's 'jealousy' is of the type you suggest.” Frosty, the Bible has God using the word, in reference to Himself, at least 10 times. Could you give me the correct literal meaning of the Hebrew word in those cases, then?

You further said: “You have your answers (albeit, they did not include any suggestion that we know the 'whys', and certainly no suggestion that an explanation would, or will be, forthcoming in this lifetime), but you still haven't revealed your intent.”

Frosty, somewhere in the not knowing the “whys” is where I need help. You may have gathered by now, I am a simple man; I still have not received definitive answers about some things and there are other questions that need to be addressed as well. Could you answer the following directly for me? (You could respond, perhaps, in terms of the way your own congregation feels, if that helps)
(a) Do Christians generally believe God has given humanity “free will”?
(b) Do they believe God has set aside a “place” called “Hell” for those whose choices are considered unacceptable by God?
(c) Do they believe Jesus is the ultimate and sole assessor of those choices – that he will determine their acceptability or not?
(d) Will the NY Yankees win this season? (feeble attempt at levity – sorry)


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