who should i vote for and why?

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Posted by MICKMICKMICKEY ( on June 04, 2004 at 12:30:30:

I was thinking of doing the nader thing again (vote nader and keep the bush wars going?) and yet there is this postal reform going on that repubs want to turn into a walmart situation and being so postal myself i may vote self-interest more than in any other election going back to ronny raygun's second chance at office when i was a few months older than i needed to be to vote.

anyone care to convince me of why kerry is better than nader? - BUSH IS A NON-ISSUE. i can't stomach his tax breaks for the top 1%, that MOTHER JONES has outlined in statistical detail. as much as i think we should drill like crazy our own oil, in alaska and even off the coast of my home state florida (not yet, in case you didn't know), i don't think bush is enviro-compassionate enough... not by a long shot... and yet i also wonder if oil culture should be crashed for the good of long term planet survival - kind of like JEREMY RIFKIN'S book BEYOND BEEF: THE RISE AND FALL OF CATTLE CULTURE. lets hope that fall extends to oil, at least some day - maybe when i retire my 1970 VW art BUG? /// i do like bush killing lots of sand niggers, but even nader would have bombed afghanistan... i guess i really have gotten more conservative since 911... as much as i don't like to admit it...

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Subject: Re: who should i vote for and why?


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