As an Australian observer

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Posted by Roland ( on April 15, 2004 at 18:40:41:

What is happening in the fairyland world of the Great United States? Are there any real human beings there, or just motorised cardboard cut-outs? Are you guys aware of the crisis incurred by the Bush Administration's manoeuvre in the world stage?
Why has the US blessed annexation of Palestinian land by Israel, a flagrant abuse of UN and indeed world conventions on territorial rights. Why aren't you people yelling out in horror and disapproval? Or, more distressing, do you approve??
Why is greater involvement by the United Nations in the establishment of and negotiation for a Democracy in Iraq not invited by your Government? Greater UN participation would relieve the international eddying and pressure Bush has created there. Why is Bush pushing its own propaganda material but preventing the dissemination of alternative views through Iraqi newspapers? Is this the American understanding of free press?
So while the surreal discussion on this site continues about Evolution and creation, the world is in turmoil as a result of your "leaders" insane attitude and obsession with "Rumsfeld diplomacy" through force. It has a type of tragic reminiscence of Nero fiddling in the face of his own world burning. Where are you guys; are you real - are you really there - why the silence - why no outrage???

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Subject: Re: As an Australian observer


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