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To Robert Jastrow, “the most interesting result in all of science” is that the chain of cause and effect in our universe can be traced back just so far before we come to a sudden halt, a “curtain that can never be lifted.” This is apparently where science ends and faith begins. The alternative might be that, through science we could discover a purely natural beginning for the universe, or that through science, we could discover God. This last alternative is clearly absurd, which makes us wonder if God has purposely set up the universe this way. Finding God, then, is always an act of faith, or free will. Not irrational faith, but not pure intellectual power, either. Otherwise, what kind of justice would reward us eternally according to our ability to do scientific research?

How much do you think science will ever be able to tell us about the God or non-God behind this universe? If you don’t think that science can enlighten us on the question now, then how else might a person go about finding God?

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