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Science writer Fred Heeren has devoted the last seven years to a quest to get to the bottom of life's big questions. As a skeptic, he has carried out the task, not by visiting gurus, but by looking at the pieces of evidence from science and history that bear on questions about the ultimate purpose—or meaninglessness—of the universe. Not trusting his studies of the scientific discoveries alone, Heeren has gone directly to the discoverers themselves: Nobel prize-winning astronomers, NASA team leaders, and theoretical physicists like Stephen Hawking and Alan Guth.

During his search, the author founded and presided over Searchlight, Inc. and the Cosmic Pursuit Association, two organizations devoted to examining the latest findings of science and their philosophical implications. Now working for the Day Star Network as “the world's only cosmic reporter,” his quest has turned into a mission “to encourage people who are caught in a rat-race world to do something uniquely human, to stop and think about life's big questions.”

The author's recent projects include a video series containing his interviews with today's top space scientists (the first is titled Evidence for God?) and several audiotape dramas: The Skeptic's Guide to the Bible and The Adventures of Leon the Cynic. He is working on the completion of a four-book series titled Wonders, of which Show Me God is the first volume.
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Fred Heeren serves as editor of the quarterly journal, Cosmic Pursuit, a magazine for people who want to explore and debate the ultimate questions raised by science. He speaks at astronomy conventions, participates in debates, and talks to groups that are interested in hearing more about the latest evidence for the intelligent design of our cosmos. The world's only cosmic reporter lives with his wife and five children in Olathe, Kansas.

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