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       Scientists to be featured in
Day Star's future interviews:

Stephen Hawking (on God and his no-boundary proposal)
Alan Guth (father of the inflationary big bang)
Robert Jastrow (founder of NASA's Goddard Institute, director of Mt. Wilson Observatory)
Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton's co-discoverer of dark matter)
Arno Penzias (Nobel prize-winning discoverer of microwave background)
George Smoot (leader of NASA COBE satellite team that discovered ripples in cosmic background)
Chuck Steidel (Caltech astronomer who led international team in discovery of scores of
primeval galaxies)
Marc Davis (Principle Investigator, Large Scale Structure of the Universe)
Eric Carlson (senior astronomer emeritus, Chicago's Adler Planetarium)
Robert Wilson (co-winner of Nobel prize for discovery of microwave background)

If you'd like to go to another interview now, choose from among the following topics and
interviewed scientists:
Interview 1: Discovery of the farthest, earliest galaxies—Chuck Steidel
Interview 2: Finding the predicted ripples in creation's afterglow “And the universe's finely tuned parameters”
—George Smoot
Interview 3: “A curiously theological result to come out of science”—Robert Jastrow
Interview 4: The fine tuning of the universe's expansion rate —Marc Davis
Interview 5: The mystery of the big bang's orderliness—Eric Carlson
Interview 6: Hawking on how his no-boundary proposal relates to God, Guth on inflation and the anthropic
principle, and Penzias on an orderly universe—Stephen Hawking, Alan Guth, & Arno Penzias
Interview 7: The mystery of the universe's critical density —Jeremiah Ostriker & Robert Wilson
Interview 8: Extraterrestrial life and intelligence—Robert Jastrow, George Smoot, Charles Steidel,
Eric Carlson, Sallie Baliunas
Interview 9: Does the microwave background point to a creation event?—Arno Penzias & Robert Wilson
Interview 10: Where science ends and faith begins—Arno Penzias, George Smoot, Robert Gange, Robert Jastrow

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